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Why You Should Blog

One Response to “The Blog is not about blogs”

Professor Nell Ruby’s response to the “The Blog is not about blogs” was so good I want to feature it here:

‘The blog IS a vehicle–a super exciting turbo charged vehicle, equipped with infinite imagery, hyperlinks and with super sensitive receptors to Your Imagination. And it’s free! I have noticed a broad variation of how effective the blog is depending on the driver. Since you mentioned summer school, I want to plug a blog that came out of my summer school class that is an incredible use of the media. Christine Baker, who is NOT an art major, and is going into her senior year (I think she may be a classics major, but it might also be philosophy) made an exciting effort in the way she encapsulated her learning in my Art 160 (visual thinking) blog from the summer session 1 course. Her writing is delightful, and her way of telling a stories that make her thinking visible (references and breadth and depth of connections) is entertaining and enlightening. I recommend it!:

http://baker160.wordpress.com/ If you want to see similar blogs from that course over time you can visit the 160 course blog:
I require my students to keep a blog. I find that it is helpful for me to “see their work” and I find that they more thoroughly get the concept when they explaining it in written and visual examples. I also find that they can use this blog as a repository for seeing their learning while they are in school, and as a venue for us to see patterns of what interests them in order to develop more senior work, and when they are graduating, the school blog is a terrific means for developing a website that becomes their online presence as they “launch” into after college life–weather its graduate work or a career.
for more on the process log in general: http://agnesscottart160.wordpress.com/about/


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