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SpARC is coming!!!!!!

I hope you all can appreciate my excitement for the Spring Annual Research Conference at Agnes Scott (you can refer to this post for more of the same). The schedule with presentation details has been released (in PDF), and I’ve spent some time this morning perusing it; for me, this is kind of like academic Christmas. Maybe this makes me a nerd (eh), but I get really psyched about the different presentations that Scotties will be giving. It’s putting semesters of research to the best use possible!

I encourage everyone to check it out, and make time to see me yap about ePortfolios and the liberal arts education — 11:15-11:35 AM, in Room 210 East of the Bullock Science Center.

Here’s a screen cap of my presentation, in case you’re not inclined to download the full program just to check it out:

Around this time last year, I’d spent so much time writing my thesis, I thought my brainwires were going to short out. I was nearly finished with my labor of love by the time of SpARC 2010 (but not quite), and I knew I had to present the thing in French to my Senior Seminar class eventually. Having the option to present my year of labor, in my native language, at SpARC was an invaluable experience — if terrifying, at least at first. But at least I had a captive audience I could yap uninterrupted to about Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer for twenty minutes, which is a lot longer than I’d normally subject others (i.e., my friends). Beyond my own presentation, since classes are canceled on SpARC day I was able to attend my friends’ presentations, and whatever else sounded interesting on the program!

A few of this year’s presentations that caught my eye at first perusal: “Violence and Cruelty in French Nursery Rhymes” (9-9:20, Bullock Science Center 103W, and given by a fellow former French Senior Seminar classmate); “Drag Queens: Issues of Femininity Reexamined” (9:40-9:55, BSC 308); and, of course, “Whose Paper Is It Anyway?: Encouraging the Writer’s Ownership in Tutoring Sessions” (9:25-9:45 in BSC 209W, given by my good friend/work spouse and Writing Center Coordinator Neil Simpkins, as well as next year’s WC Coordinator and my soon-to-be housemate, Kate Whitney). I just wish I could attend all presentations at once — there are several during my timeslot that I would really like to watch.

Also, I promise I’ve got a new topic to cover on this site, one that doesn’t involve upcoming events! If it’s not up by tomorrow, expect it early next week — and no complaints from the peanut gallery, please, this week may actually be the end of me.

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2 thoughts on “SpARC is coming!!!!!!

  1. I love SpARC so much! Your presentation was excellent. I wish the video had survived 😦

    Posted by Neil | May 3, 2011, 10:29 pm

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