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Event recap and audio recording …

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who came out to the Defining Our Digital Identity […] event! Seems like we all learned a lot from the discussion, and my colleagues from the Educational Technology Center were generous enough to record the event (I misspoke earlier — it was to be a voice recording, not video). It’s a pretty massive thing — just shy of 55 minutes — but hopefully all interested parties will be able to listen to it in its entirety! As things go, I’ve been experiencing some uploading snafus with the file, so it’s shared on Mediafire for your listening and downloading pleasure. The things I do for my fans …

So, vanities aside, what were some highlights from the discussion?

  • Identifying the “key players” of social media and how we use them;
  • Managing your personal brand — at this point, is there really a distinction between your personal and professional profiles?;
  • Appearing personable and professional — not necessarily mutually exclusive on social networks;
  • Should you add your boss as a Facebook friend?;
  • Googling yourself: it’s not as narcissistic as it sounds, and how much control you have over those search results;
  • Monitoring your digital content, particularly in regards to microblogging platforms (who can see your Tumblr and Twitter content, for example, and the possible implications of that);
  • The community-building (and, possibly, breaking) aspects of having an online life;
  • Location-based apps like Foursquare: yay or nay?

There’s a lot of good stuff to be mined from our talk! I encourage you to listen to at least part of our discussion, and wish there were more time in the academic year to hold another one.

(Partially unrelated, but listening to this audio recording made me realize how quickly I speak! My Southern grandmother would not be pleased.)


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