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An experimental success, round 1!

Excuse me while I gush all over this Fellowship blog, because I’d like to take a moment here to sing the praises for this semester’s International Relations Senior Seminar students!

(a video representation of how I feel about e-Portfolios, and blogging, and Agnes Scott students, by proxy.)

As I’ve mentioned before in more detail, one of my goals for this semester involved piloting a project that would incorporate blogging/e-Portfolio-cultivating into the respective Senior Seminar syllabi of various academic departments on campus. In my initial presentations to each class, I was pleasantly surprised to find that students seemed pretty excited to take on the challenge! The largest of those classes, International Relations 400 with Dr. Eleanor Morris, is comprised of 13 students working on some truly awesome and inspiring projects. While IR400 uses a main class blog as a sort of “electronic hub” for weekly class discussion, each student has set up an individual project site explaining her research goals/processes leading to the final product (a paper) due at the end of the Spring 2011 semester. This class is going above and beyond what I’d expected for this Senior Seminar cross-disciplinary project! After perusing each student’s project e-Portfolio (as linked on that IR400 blog), I can’t wait to read more as the semester progresses for each one of them.

Truth be told, it makes me a little starry-eyed about my own Senior Seminar project from last spring. I guess it’s really taken a full year to start feeling nostalgic for long nights spent in the Alston Campus Center. Perhaps, also, I’ve become a teensy bit heartsick for perpetually red eyes (from stress crying and lack of sleep), and frustration over Henry Miller and the passé simple (more like so totally passé, am I right). Anyway, having made some peace with academia after some time apart, I’m having a great time reading up on these independent projects. We all know Agnes Scott students are brilliant, and these project e-Portfolios are a great example of that.

You should definitely check them out, leave them feedback, and let me know what you’ve thought, too!


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