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Live, from the DDF Bat Cave …

It’s mid-January, and that means Agnes Scott is gearing up to begin the Spring semester (also, that my 23rd birthday was yesterday). Mid-January also marks the 7-month mark of my tenure as Digital Design Fellow, a date I feel merits some celebration. It’s been a wild, wacky, and most importantly, informative seven months, and I’m looking forward to making more digital media fun in the new year. I’ve got lots of plans for 2011! I’d like to share my most exciting one with you, and top off this post with what I hope you’ll find to be an inspiring challenge!

Mission No. 1 for 2011: the e-Portfolio for Senior Seminar

  • This semester marks the first in which certain Senior Seminar/Capstone courses will include an e-Portfolio component to their respective syllabi. Upperclassmen in those courses for Astrophysics/Physics, International Relations, and Studio Art will be required to create individual sites that showcase their research processes and reflection, as well as contributing feedback on those of their classmates.
  • I’m not going to lie — I am majorly excited about this project, which I believe will act as a jumping-off point for other Agnes Scott students to set up their own e-Portfolios. For those unfamiliar with Agnes Scott course structure, Senior Seminar courses (and their 400-level kin) can be described generally as the culminating course in a major. Put simply, students develop an independent research project over the course of a semester that, for all intents and purposes, acts as an undergraduate thesis. It can make for a nerve-wracking and stressful semester, to say the least. In working with professors teaching the aforementioned Senior Sems, I’ll act as a course-specific e-Portfolio “consultant” and tutor, helping students create, organize, and maintain their sites. One of the goals of this project is to begin the process of showcasing more student work in a digital manner — and where better to start than the highest level of individualized study? Students may find that creating a site helps them to organize their thoughts and receive interesting feedback. I’m ready to start helping upperclassmen with site-creation and web writing/organization, and am terribly excited to see their final products.

Mission No. 2 for 2011: INSPIRATION ABOUNDS

  • Have you made any resolutions for 2011? Thought about either creating a blog, or maintaining the one you have more regularly? If the idea of “keeping up” is overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start, consider this: WordPress has launched an experiment appropriately titled “The Daily Post.” The challenge is to kickstart the new year with daily blog posts. They don’t have to be epic entries (unless that’s your preference), just daily reflections. If you find yourself at a loss for content, WordPress handily offers a topic for each day. Personally, this kind of “blog resolution” seems like it has the potential to ‘stick’ longer than trying to kick a caffeine habit (speaking for myself, at least). If you decide to tackle the challenge, let me know and I’ll link to your blog!
  • As for my resolutions, I have two, one of which I made today … well, better late than never. The first is to come to a full stop at all stop sign intersections; the second, to regularly update my OWN e-Portfolio (and this site too, natch). I’m currently riding at 100% success on the former, and will get started on the second this afternoon. INSPIRATION ABOUNDS!


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3 thoughts on “Live, from the DDF Bat Cave …

  1. Happy birthday, DDF Emily! And thanks for including the Course Evaluations blog in your blogroll. Looking forward to good conversations with you in 2011.

    Posted by Susan Dougherty | January 20, 2011, 2:16 pm


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