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It feels like the first time…

Hello, everyone! My name’s Emily Grim and I’m the Digital Design Fellow for 2010-2011. I’m taking over this dog-and-pony show from the indomitable Shannon Yarbrough, ’09, and couldn’t be more excited to get the ball rolling. I’ve officially finished my first week here on the ground floor of McCain Library (more affectionately referred to as the “Bat Cave,” or G-38), and judging from the multiple to-do lists I’ve already written for myself, it’s going to be one rip-roaring adventure through the blogosphere.

A little about me: I graduated from Agnes only a little over a month ago, am the proud recipient of a shiny new bachelor’s degree in French, and may be addicted to my Google Reader. I have spent the past couple of years working in public relations, and lately social media, learning how to promote art galleries and museums both on the Internet and good old-fashioned tangible press kits (during my senior year, ASC’s own Art Department and Dalton Gallery; prior to that, I assisted the Associate Director of PR at the Yale University Art Gallery).

I spent my first week attempting to get my bearings in the Bat Cave; more to the point, I’ve been figuring out how to define my own goals for the Digital Design Fellowship. In effect, I’m working on how further to develop the fabulous work of my predecessor while adding some E. Grim spice to it. So, after nearly 40 work hours and innumerable cups of Writing Center-sponsored coffee  on my part (thanks, Neil), what can you, dear and darling readers, expect from the new Digital Design Fellow?

For starters, a new look for the DDF blog. In keeping with the evolution of the position, I’ve chosen a different layout not only to showcase my idiosyncratic love for tabloid-esque fonts (death to insipid Comic Sans MS! … More on that later), but to make the site as eye-catching as possible at first glance. Know the old saying, “First impressions are everything”? My aim is to make the blog as easily identifiable as possible, so that a first-time reader can navigate away from the Digital Design Fellowship site with a clear, memorable visual understanding of what I’m trying to get across. In that same vein, I’ll be posting more about visual literacy and its importance in retaining blog readership and increasing page views. More than just a utensil for academic reflection, your blog should be inherently yours: whether you’re writing a travel blog documenting your study abroad experience, or developing an e-portfolio that summarizes your scholarly experience at Agnes Scott (amongst the many other uses for blogs), it’s important to keep in mind how your site visually represents you and your perspective.

Since I was generously allowed to begin my position in mid-June, I’m taking the time before school officially starts to plan some neat workshops and events that will occur over the course of the year. In the meantime, I’ll be posting some helpful tips and mini-tutorials for Beginning Bloggers, from both my personal experience and that of seasoned posters across the vast expanse of the Internet. I will also keep y’all updated on the development of the Digital Design tutor program, now in its full-fledged planning stage.

Happy summer, everyone!


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2 thoughts on “It feels like the first time…

  1. yay! i’m excited that you are excited! it’s going to be great! and no problem about the coffee, you are always welcome to imbibe.

    Posted by neil | June 22, 2010, 10:26 am
  2. What exciting plans Emily!!! Can’t wait to see how everything develops. 🙂

    Posted by shannon | June 23, 2010, 8:11 am

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