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Blogging While Abroad

Introducing… (drum roll please)…

Doing a dance-drama with the Sankofa Center for African Dance and Culture, Ghana, May 2009

Doing a dance-drama with the Sankofa Center for African Dance and Culture, Ghana, May 2009

Handout #2 in the Agnes Scott College Digital Design Fellowship series: Blogging While Abroad! (Click to download PDF).

You all know how much I miss studying abroad, so I had a great time drafting this handout. I used my own experience from studying abroad and blogging, as well as some excellent tips I found on Abroadview.org.

I also used several Scottie blogs as inspiration. These are fantastic examples for anyone getting ready to start your own travel blog.

Lauren Slipek, ’11: Sentiments from South Africa. Lauren does a brilliant job of incorporating photos and video and making consistent, short, fun posts.

Jordan Casteel, ’11: Learning to Fly. Fantastic academic reflections.

Rachel Burger, ’11: Burger’s Beijing Blog. WordPress is banned in China, but Burger’s still posting (via her bf in the U.S.). That deserves serious kudos.

Anna Rogers, ’04: Bananna Travels. GORGEOUS photography!

And, because a post about study abroad cannot be complete without pictures, here are some of my favorites from my own trip to Puerto Madryn, Argentina in July 2008. My dear friend and travel mate Anna Linck is to credit for these images.

Whale watching at the break of dawn. See the whale? We were so close!

Whale watching from the boat. This was taken without zoom!

We had to dress for the occasion.

Wild horses we saw on a bikeride toward a sea lion lookout.

Me and Anna

Anna is currently recovering from a heart transplant, so please pray for a healthy recovery!



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