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Photo Gallery Questions Answered!

Two students have asked me about the gallery option on WordPress. Here’s what I’ve found. All answers are from Random Acts of Photography’s post: Not the Official WordPress.com Gallery FAQ.

How do I delete one image from my gallery?

To delete an image from the Gallery, open the Image Uploader Gallery tab, click on “Show” and then click on the “Delete” link that appears beneath the Description box. You’ll be asked again if you want to delete the image. Click “Continue”. The image is deleted not only from the Gallery, but also from your Media Library.

In all cases, remember to click “Save All Changes” and “Update Gallery Settings”.

Note: with the March 2, 2010 update noted above, it is now possible to exclude an uploaded image from appearing in a Gallery without deleting it by modifying the Gallery shortcode in the HTML Editor. See the bottom of this WordPress.com Support Doc. An example might be [ gallery columns=”2″ size=”medium” exclude=”235, 158″ ]

How do I insert two different galleries into one post?

Galleries are tied to individual Posts or Pages. In order to have more than one Gallery per Post or Page, you need to create a new Post and upload the images you want there. Save the Post, go to your Dashboard’s Manage>>Posts and then hold your mouse over the title of the Post where you inserted the additional Gallery. (Update: you can also find this information via your Media Library.) In your browser’s status bar, you will see the link to edit your Post, which ends in a number. That is the ID number for the Post where the additional Gallery appears and what needs to be inserted in the Gallery shortcode via the HTML Editor. For example, the Gallery just below is coming from a past Post and also demonstrates displaying medium thumbnail size. The shortcode looks like [ gallery id=”119″ size=”medium” ] (without the spaces after and before the brackets).
*This technique is still experimental.

During my testing it became apparent that the additional Gallery must appear in a published Post, otherwise when viewers click on a thumbnail, they get a “Page not found” error. There are also some inherent navigation problems involved. My workaround was to insert a link in the past Post where the additional Gallery was uploaded to the Post where it is displayed. You can see this at work by clicking on one of the above thumbnails.  A note about editing the additional Gallery: It can only be done from the Post or Page where it was uploaded. Quite a lot of work to display an additional Gallery in the same Post.

How can I display an image in the same Post or Page without it being a part of the Gallery?

Any image you upload in the same Post or Page where your Gallery appears will automatically be included in that Gallery. Inserting an image which was uploaded via “Media>Add New” in the Dashboard is not attached to a specific Post or Page and will become attached to the Post or Page where your Gallery appears. This causes the image to be displayed twice, once in the Gallery and again indivdually. The solution is to upload the image to your Media Library from a different, existing Post or Page. Once your images have finished uploading, save your changes and then close the Image Uploader, then go back to the Post or Page where you want to insert the separate image. Click on the “Add Image” button and in the Image Uploader, click on  “Insert in Post” button to insert the individual image in your Post or Page. In order to avoid navigation problems, you should link the image to either “None” or “Image URL”.

This answer is repeated in the Official WordPress Help Forum here.

Other questions? Read the rest of Not the Official WordPress.com Gallery FAQ.

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  1. thanks!

    Posted by neil | April 19, 2010, 5:31 pm

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