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Why You Should Blog

Why Dani Blogs

Welcome back from break!

Before break, Dani Adamson, ’12 sent me a statement she wanted me to share at the CTL presentation. I didn’t get a chance to read it aloud, but she’s given me permission to publish it here. Dani is the author of “her beautiful life” and an art process log, “all the cool kids are doing it.” Thank you Dani!

Blogging has given me a means not only to express myself and continue to develop my writing skills and portfolio but also to reflect on my academic courses and daily interaction with others. Before starting my blog, I thought that this activity would simply help me to reflect on my coursework. However, once I began, I soon realized that blogging afforded me the opportunity to write about other subjects that interest me as well.

The more I began to blog, the more excited I became about blogging and the more advantages I saw to do so.

Several personal benefits have emerged from daily blogging, including the following:

  1. Having my voice heard. During the initial stages of my blog development, I had no interest in sharing my posts with others and instead wrote for myself. Although I still keep my interests in mind, I have discovered that others have similar interests to my own, which has become evident in readership statistics and subscriptions. With little to no publicity, my statistics went from twenty-one weekly views to as many as two-hundred and forty-two. While I do not feel that blog popularity is incredibly important, I could not help but become excited over those numbers as I realized that I had a voice and others were eagerly listening to it.
  2. Networking. As I wrote posts about topics that I truly enjoyed, I discovered that my posts opened the doors to meeting new people that I would not have the opportunity to interact with otherwise.
  3. During the month of December, I launched a blog segment entitled, “What Gives? Wednesday” to raise awareness about apparel companies that gave a portion of their proceeds to charity.  One post that I published discussed the clothing collaboration between the Southern California-based companies, Aviator Nation and TOMS Shoes. In addition to including written work in this post, I published a video created by the artist of this partnership. Several months later, I received an email from the actual artist about my post.
  4. Making connections between my academic courses and extracurricular interests. Along with having the chance to reflect on personal and professional interests, I have also been able to relate them to one another. During a post in January, I stumbled across a new breed of stuffed animals called Arrow Kuma Bear that gave the classic Teddy Bear a fresh twist with bold patterns and vivid color schemes. In this post, I drew connections to my art classes and a Spanish Literature class that I sat in on that week. Due to this post, I was fortunate enough to interest a fellow women’s college student from Bryn Mawr College as a new reader and subscriber.

In addition to the reasons just mentioned, blogging is technologically progressive. As it advances society into the twenty-first century through the receipt and distribution of information, blogging has created an online community of readers and writers that have come to the realization that: everyone is a writer and everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Thank you.



One thought on “Why Dani Blogs

  1. So well said! I love this young lady and it is an utter delight to read some of her posts! I hope that her blogging continues to help her progress and further her love for writing, for humanity, and also propels her into future success!

    Posted by syreetajp | April 1, 2010, 9:22 am

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