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First-Years, Have No Fear!

That is my #1 tip to first-years who want to start their blogs and e-portfolios. You can plan a lot, but the only real way to start is to dive right in.

My inspiration for this post is Emma Kearney’s blog, miss woodhouse: the english major. A first-year at Agnes, she already has a sense of what she wants to major in. I’d like to point out some parts of her blog that may inspire those first-years who think they know what to major in, as well as those who still aren’t sure. (btw, if you’re in the latter category, that’s totally fine! We’re at a liberal arts college to study everything anyway.)

Ways Emma uses her blog:

To lay out goals. I used to jot goals down on pieces of paper, many of which I promptly lost. In an electronic space, they are always there (as long as you know your website) and you can refer to them as you reflect throughout the year.

To work through tough concepts from class…with humor! That’s one great thing about blogs–you don’t have to be formal, but you can use them to work out ideas. Think more exciting version of the outline. (Check out this post, titled Yeats eats dates.)

To figure out where to study abroad. This is a tough choice, and one about 45% of Scotties will make. Her present direction: Barcelona! She also uses this post to chat about advisors, major decisions, and applying to be a Writing Center tutor.

To tell and show us who she is. We get a sense of her likes, dislikes, and more through “the five.” She also uses thoughtful, fun images, creative language and focuses on professional subjects. Even the title and header image give us a sense of who Emma is.

NOTE: Your blog will look like whatever it needs to look like to be yours. It will not be the same as anyone else’s and nor should it be. This close look at Emma’s blog is meant to spark ideas for your own–there’s no one right way.

And (of course!) these tips don’t just apply to first-years, but to all of us.

Experienced bloggers, what’s the hardest part about getting started? How did you overcome these challenges?

Happy reflecting!



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