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The Travel Itch–and the Fix!

After going abroad for work or study every year for four years at Agnes, I’m dying to go again! However, something I’m learning about the “real world” thing is my time isn’t nicely divided into work time and break time like it was during the school year. Even though I’m working for a college, there’s too much that needs to be done before students come back for me to take a long break. (If I had only known how hard staff works for students when I was a student…!)

To satisfy my travel itch this break, though, I plan to keep up with a new student blog, Burger’s Beijing Blog. Before spending a semester in China, Burger’s taking a Birthright trip to Israel. Don’t know what a Birthright trip is? I didn’t either… see her video post to learn more about it!

Burger’s blog is motivating me to work on the “study abroad” portion of my own e-portfolio. I have images and reflections from my time in Benin, France, Argentina and Ghana. The content is in Word documents, handwritten journals, and both digital and print photos. I’m excited to share it, but I need to compile and organize it first. (If only I had kept blogs instead… yikes!)

Here’s a sneak peek:

Benin (summer '06)

France (summer '07)

France (summer '07)

Argentina (spring '08)

Argentina (spring '08)

Anyone else traveling over break? I’d love to hear about your trip!



2 thoughts on “The Travel Itch–and the Fix!

  1. Benin, France, and Argentina… wow, you are so continental. This post makes me want to go abroad even sooner!

    I am so happy to hear that Burger has a blog to record and share her life-changing experience in Bejing.

    Can’t wait to see your study abroad e-portfolio. I know that it is going to be fabulous… just like you. Have a great weekend!


    Posted by disfordani | December 19, 2009, 12:27 am


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