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The Confidence Question: Solved!

Before I came to Agnes Scott, all of the admissions counselors told me that going to a women’s college would help me become more confident. This is what the catchy “find your voice” slogan is all about, right? Well, even after four years of a women’s college education, I have difficulty explaining just how this college helps students develop confidence. After only a semester here, Julia Burdine has articulated a piece of it. In talking about what she’s learned at Agnes Scott this semester, she says that she’s become more open-minded, and this open-mindedness has helped her develop confidence:

I would say that I am feeling more open minded towards things thanks to the classes I have taken, and as a result I am becoming more accepting and confident in myself. In high school, I considered myself a pretty open-minded person, but criticism from those who were less so made me feel less positive about being open to new or different concepts. Now that I’m at Agnes Scott, I feel that I am in a community that proudly heralds open mindedness, and I realize that it is a necessary requisite in seriously pursuing an education.

See the full post here.

A question I’ve had for four years answered! I love my job!

Mikaela Sheldt's drawing

Women’s college students and alums, what about this environment helped you find your voice?



One thought on “The Confidence Question: Solved!

  1. Thanks for pointing out Julia’s post Shannon. That particular post is well worth the read! I like the ideas that open mindedness and getting the whole picture are ingredients to self confidence. I don’t think I would have directly linked those ideas, but I see how it works. It seems that the repeated EXPERIENCE of broad and in-depth thinking also contribute.

    Posted by Nell Ruby | December 6, 2009, 10:41 am

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