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Taking Community-Building to a New Level with Department Blogs

I had two meetings this morning to discuss department blogs, one with Professor of Sociology, Brenda Hoke, and the other with Professor of English, Christine Cozzens. I don’t think department blogs at colleges and universities are a new concept, but I didn’t find many exciting examples when I did a quick Google search.

Neither of the professors I met with have experience with blogging, but both had already brainstormed ways to use the virtual space. Brenda emphasized faculty research and community-building and Christine plans to show off the amazing events and activities the English Dept. offers. Both are highly in favor of incorporating student voice.

The most exciting moments were when we talked specifics about what they want to include. Brenda is working on a project about refugee women living in the urban south. She had a brilliant idea to invite the women to contribute to the blog with help from ASC students. I immediately thought how this was taking community-building to a new level–it wouldn’t just be virtual, but it would also happen in the form of a technology-training workshop. I love it!

Christine mentioned her upcoming Global Connections trip to Ireland with students in January, as well as our 39th annual Writers’ Festival. One of my close friends went to Ireland on this trip last year, so I had the chance to hear all about it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the rest of the community heard their stories, too? Here are some pictures from my friend’s Facebook:






The art department has already started a blog and students are in charge of it. They’re promoting events at the Dalton Gallery and those happening around Atlanta, and praising student and faculty work. It’s definitely worth a look!

If you know of any department blogs at other colleges and universities we can use as inspiration, let me know!



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