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Two New Blogs!

I’d like to call your attention to two students whose blogs I’ve just added to the sidebar. Dani Adamson is a sophomore interested in writing and art, and Donna Pickup is a junior studying sociology/anthropology.

Like Gabby (see this post), Dani took my idea of a blog as a component of an e-portfolio and made it her own. She sees her blog as a nest, where she’ll gather thoughts and connections and see herself grow. Here are her words:

Lynne Moody, the artist of the following piece I noticed, “The Floor of Heaven” (2001) said, A nest is a fertile place, where something vital is born.’ Because I thought that her remark was so profound, I wanted her words to stand at the forefront of my blog’s concept. Not only is my hope for this blog to include a collection of distinct yet interconnected disciplines but also for this blog to personify a precious oasis in which I continuously evolve just as the creatures that dwell in nests do.

Donna is a member of Brenda Hoke’s SOC 319 class (mentioned here). She started her blog at the beginning of the semester and has posted regular reflections on her internship at a domestic violence shelter. Her blog is a great example of consistent reflective practice.

Keep up the excellent work, ladies!



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