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Why You Should Blog

Blogging and Empowerment

I’m clearly on a why-you-should-blog kick, so I thought I’d share this quote from Nisha Chittal, a blogger and writer who cares about women and politics. I’ve added her page to the sidebar as a great example of a real-life e-portfolio. Notice that her site is pretty simple and that she used weebly, a free service, to make it.

Here’s what she has to say about blogging and empowerment:

The difference between me pre-blog and me post-blog is simple: I went from an invisible, hiding lurker to a real person, and an outlier. Seems simple, but that transformation is empowering in a way you’d never expect. I went from letting others define me to defining myself. Instead of always having to hide what I do from people, I can just
be. I have something to say that is worth saying, and I actively contribute to the conversation.

It’s no longer a simple matter of writing a blog and hoping someone reads: it overflows into every other area of my life. Now, I want to have more conversations and put out my opinion on everything. I want to seek out new people and new perspectives and constantly learn from everyone around me. I want to explore new ideas, challenge them, and be challenged. I want to do something worth doing, instead of just what everyone else is doing. And sadly, though perhaps not surprisingly, most people aren’t willing to do that. But bloggers are.

Read the full post here.

Did anyone else hear “engage the intellectual and social challenges of her times” while reading that? If Agnes is a place for empowerment (and it is), blogs are certainly a tool to achieve that. Yay for women’s voices!

Check out Chittal’s more recent posts to learn about women and the healthcare debate.



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