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Why You Should Blog

Julie & Julia, Me… All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

I had a lovely little family outing with my mother and grandmother a few weekends ago. After lunch at the southern classic, Chik-Fil-A, we went across the street to AMC to watch Julie & Julia.

Even though the movie outing wasn’t work-related, lo and behold, a connection to e-portfolios emerged!

If you don’t know what the film is about, the main character, Julie Powell is about to turn 30. She hates her job as a secretary and dreams of being a writer. A friend/colleague/woman she actually hates starts a blog, it’s wildly successful, and Julie’s jealous. Her husband suggests she start one, too. After a little reflection, Julie decides she likes cooking and Julia Child, so she starts a blog about working her way through Child’s cookbook (yes, this link goes to the real thing!). The end result? (Spoiler warning.) Her blog is wildly successful and she gets a million calls from agents asking her to write a book about her experience.

The whole thing is based on a real story.

Why you should blog (according to me, Julie Powell, and Hollywood):

  1. It’s fun. Why wouldn’t you want to talk about yourself and hear people’s thoughts on your thoughts? Sure, Julie and her husband get into a fight when the blog becomes all-consuming, but she uses the blog space to reflect on her behavior, he reads it, then they cook dinner and make love. It’s a win-win.
  2. It forces you to write. Agnes Scott already forces you to write, but it’s because it’s really, really good for you. It helps you learn how to express yourself, refine your thoughts so that you’re more articulate, define your needs and goals. It’s like broccoli and exercise: you think you hate it until you get in the habit, and then realize it’s great.
  3. Finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: Blogging helps you land on your dream career. (And, if you’re Julie Powell or any other number of us, your over-critical mother will be proud.) What more could you ask for?  


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