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M.I.T.’s Doing It

Stata Center, MIT Massachusetts

Stata Center, MIT Massachusetts

David Lawrence from the Speaking Center just shared this article from the New York Times about MIT using blogs to recruit applicants.

These blogs are not called e-portfolios, but they are select students’ uncensored reflections on life at MIT. There has been controversy over several negative posts, but the admissions office seems to have maintained a commitment to transparent communication.

I have a confession. I’m not doing e-portfolio work at Agnes Scott just to help students deepen their learning and achieve their dreams. I’m also doing it because this school has changed my life. I want every woman in the world to come here and experience the transformation that I’ve experienced. I realize, though, that my testimony isn’t enough.

In my early discussions about this position with President Kiss, I mentioned linking e-portfolios to the official Agnes Scott site so that prospectives can get a sense of what Agnes Scott students’ individual journeys look like. It’s no secret that women’s colleges are on a tragic decline because of decreasing enrollment. I know this decline wouldn’t be the case, however, if more people understood the phenomenal impacts of such an education.  We alums can explain them, but what better proof than students’ own reflections?

I congratulate MIT for giving students the power to share their experiences with prospectives through blogs… I hope we aren’t far behind!



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