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E-Portfolios 101

What is an e-portfolio?

A space to reflect on your learning.
This can be in the form of a blog, a website you build from a template, a website you build from scratch, or any combination of the above. You can use writing, photography, audio files, video clips, scanned material, and any other media to reflect. Reflect on connections between your classes, extracurriculars, volunteer experience, study abroad–anything related to your academic experience.

A presentation of your learning and achievements.
By the time you graduate, you can condense the highlights of your achievements at Agnes Scott into a clean, professional virtual presentation. Your e-portfolio will become a pumped-up, personalized resume that no future employer or graduate school can resist.

Why make one?

To find your voice.
When you compile your reflections and work into a web space, you can literally see what you’re interested in. You may discover interests that you never knew you had. Once you know what you’re interested in, you know where to go next. Your e-portfolio may help you decide what classes you want to take, what internships you want to pursue, where you want to study abroad, or where you want to apply for a job or graduate school.

To express your voice.
Send internship sponsors, employers, or graduate schools your link and they’ll get  a clearer sense of how you think and what you can do.

How can you start?

First, save your work.
You won’t have anything to showcase if you can’t find your essays, photographs, videos, audio files, etc. See
http://eportfolio.agnesscott.edu/how1.htm for instructions on saving work to your network folder.

Second, start documenting reflections.
You can do this in a Word doc, a written blog, a photo blog, a visual journal, or any other media.
To start a free blog, go to wordpress.com, click the big orange button that says “sign up now,” follow the prompts and start posting! See the Writing Center’s new handout on blogging for general tips on blog writing, located on the ground floor of the library.

Who can help?

Emily Grim, ’10 is the Digital Design Fellow.
She will be more than happy to advise you on what to include, and not include, in your web space. She can help you with any step of the e-portfolio-making process, from brainstorming to organizing to blogging to building a webpage from scratch. E-mail her directly to set up an appointment: egrim@agnesscott.edu. Check out her blog at digitaldesignfellow.wordpress.com.

Tutors in the Technology Production Studio on the ground floor of the library are also available to help.

For more information, check out eportfolio.agnesscott.edu.



2 thoughts on “E-Portfolios 101

  1. Hi, Shannon,

    I would like to argue with you about your understanding of a blog as an e-Portfolio – but this is possibly better off-list.

    Have you seen my blog at: http://www.efolointheuk.blogspot.com

    You can get me at:

    Best Wishes,
    Ray T

    Posted by Ray Tolley | September 21, 2009, 6:39 am


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