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Research–I need your help!

Whenever I ask someone to start an e-portfolio, their first question is why, and their second is where can I see one? I can answer the first one, but the second is where I’m a little stuck. I have not come across a webpage that both highlights a person’s scholastic or professional achievements and demonstrates the thought processes behind what they do. With blogging becoming so popular, however, I believe great examples are out there. A few friends have helped me start my research. I need your help next—please leave comments if any sites that seem like e-portfolios come to mind!

My dear friend and Dalton Gallery Fellow, Olivia White, sent me a link a while ago to use as inspiration for my e-portfolio design. It lists links to photographers’ and fine artists’ sites: photoartdesign.net. While oohing and aahing at Amy Stein‘s photography and site, I stumbled upon her blog. She’s promoting another blog, aphotostudent.com, by James Pomerantz that outlines his experience as a graduate student at The School of Visual Arts in New York. Pomerantz’s purpose is more to create a resource for students looking into graduate school than to deepen his learning through reflective writing, but it is essentially a blog about his experience in school. Sounds like more or less an e-portfolio to me.  

Madelynne Martiniere, an amazing Technology Production Studio tutor, suggested I check out authors’ sites. One of her faves is Neil Gaiman’s site, which combines a list of his professional achievements as well as a blog about what he’s up to.

One blog I stumbled upon is Shon Bacon’s. She’s a Ph.D. student at Texas Tech University studying Technical Communication and Rhetoric. She uses the blog space to publish assignment sheets, coursework, brainstorming, and resume info. Her content seems especially relevant to me because she’s interested in teaching writing with technology, as well as how minorities and women are represented in the field of technological communication.

While some of these examples still don’t have the extensive reflective component that we’re pushing here at Agnes (the kind that reveals your passions so that you can land on the “next step” after undergrad more easily), these few are already great examples of how a web space can illustrate how cool you are. Do you know of any more links I can promote?



3 thoughts on “Research–I need your help!

  1. i’ve created a wiki page promoting all aspects of eportfolios precisley for the reason you state. It contains exemplars and evidence of best practice. Hope you find something useful.


    Posted by kevin brace | September 9, 2009, 7:44 am
  2. Eleanor Davis is a graphic novelist/cartoonist who has a great website that could be filed under the “sorta kinda an e-portfolio” category:

    She has a live journal too:

    They’re both great–showing her work, and talking about the process/inspirations behind it. Really if she just integrated the two sites more then it would definitely be an excellent example of what an e-portfolio could be. (Both visually stunning and engaging content-wise.)

    Posted by owl | September 16, 2009, 12:19 pm

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